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The Green New Deal Superstudio is a historic, national event open to all design schools, professional practices, individuals, and other design and planning related organizations across the United States. 


The Superstudio is open to graduate and undergraduate programs of landscape architecture, architecture, planning, and related fields as well as professional practices and individuals in these fields. Participants may also build teams and/or collaborate with other professions or academic programs and disciplines, community organizations, local firms, and other stakeholders. 



The Superstudio will run from August 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. Universities may participate in the Superstudio in the fall semester of 2020 and/or the spring semester of 2021. Other groups and individuals may participate on their own timeline as long as work is submitted by the June 30 deadline. Green New Deal studios that took place before this call are encouraged to submit prior work.

All studios that wish to participate must register in order to join the network of other participating studios and receive access to Superstudio resources, events, and opportunities. Final materials from the studios must be submitted by June 30, 2021.

Key phases of the Superstudio

  • July 2020 - Superstudio launched
  • August 2020 - Online information session and kick-off
  • September 2020 - Fall Superstudio starts
  • January 2021 - Spring Superstudio starts
  • June 30, 2021 - Deadline for submission of studio materials 
  • July-August 2021 - Submission reviewed and curated for the Summit
  • September 2021 - LAF Summit 



Participants in the Superstudio are expected to self-fund their studios as part of their normal academic programs.

In order to provide some continuity between participating studios, a Green New Deal briefing document is provided to assist in pedagogy for university courses and structure for other participants. It is meant to inform rather than restrict or homogenize, so individual studios are strongly encouraged to shape their studios in response to local and regional conditions and what is most appropriate for their program.

The organizing partners provide administrative support to the Superstudio iniative including a kickoff webinar, briefing document, program website, and opportunities to engage with other studios and the organizers through roundtables and design reviews. These partners will also provide and assemble topical resources, lectures, and related readings for Superstudio participants throughout the program. 

After the June 30 submission deadline, the organizers will review final submissions and undertake curation and post-production work to prepare for the Summit and further opportunities, which may include preparing digital and print publications and, potentially, a curated exhibition and white paper for congressional readership. 



In developing their teams and projects, Superstudio participants may engage or partner with any other entity. Because the Superstudio focuses on the intersection of design and policy, engagement with local and regional policy-makers is highly encouraged. Other entities that may be appropriate for engagement or partnership may include local design firms, university alumni, community organizations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other universities in the region. Community engagement is strongly encouraged. 

Once registered, participants are invited to engage with other studios through the Superstudio website and other platforms. They may also join online roundtable discussions and interim design reviews as part of the Superstudio network. Representatives from the organizing partners' organizations will be available to participate where possible on reviews or discussion panels with the aim of developing an exchange of ideas during the course of the Superstudio.  

Green New Deal Superstudio
Superstudio FAQs


Now more than ever, we must use our unique training as designers to confront the pressing challenges of climate change and justice.

Green New Deal Superstudio

Green New Deal Superstudio Kickoff Webinar text and thumbnail images of presenters

This online information session is recommended viewing for new or prospective Superstudio registrants.

Students engaged in discussion

To date, 80 studio courses at 56 universities have registered, as well as dozens of groups and individuals.

The Green New Deal Superstudio is a joint initiative of the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) in association with the partners listed below. Together, we are administering the Superstudio with each of the partners providing in-kind support.