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Students who have been nominated by their university (Step 1 - Deadline Feb 15), should use our SlideRoom online application system to complete and submit the full Nominee Submission Packet (Step 2) by 11:59pm EDT on March 15.

Visit to use the system. Once you have created an account, scroll down to “Olmsted Scholars Program - Nominee Submission Packet (Step 2)”, choose Graduate or Undergraduate as appropriate, and click “Begin” to start the submission process. You may save, edit, and review your work prior to submitting. Note that SlideRoom charges each applicant a $5 processing fee for the use of this system.


Submission Contents

The following items are required in order for the nominee to be recognized as an Olmsted Scholar and considered by the jury for one of the national awards. These details are also provided in the online application system. Note that items 3-4 will be used on the LAF website and for promotion and publicity — they are not provided to the Olmsted Scholars jury. All submissions must adhere to guidelines and deadlines in order to be considered. Additional materials will not be reviewed.

  1. Nominee Summary
    Complete this online form with basic contact information and details about your degree program.
  2. Essay
    The essay portion of the submission comprises two parts. Please pay close attention to the word/character limits. You may copy and paste your responses from a word processing program into the online form. Your responses may not contain any text formatting, images, or graphics.
    Part 1.  Describe your personal development and how it has influenced your direction and vision for the future. Discuss how you see your role in advancing sustainable planning and design and fostering human and societal benefits. (6,200 character limit, including spaces — approximately 1,000 words)
    Part 2.  Describe how you would use the funds to advance your leadership in your area(s) of interest and how this will contribute to the discipline of landscape architecture and further the Landscape Architecture Foundation’s goal to increase the influence and impact of landscape architects to create a more sustainable, just, and resilient future. (While funds can be used for further education, the emphasis should be on what you hope to accomplish – a specific project, research, etc.)  (3,100 character limit, including spaces — approximately 500 words)
  3. Photo
    Provide a color headshot in jpg format that is at least 1800x1200 pixels. It should be horizontally-oriented, well-lit with a simple background, and include your entire head and shoulders. LAF retains the right to use any submitted photo on our website and in other materials promoting LAF’s scholarship programs.
  4. Bio for LAF Website (100 word max)
    Provide a short bio in PDF, Microsoft Word, or TXT format. In 100 words or less, describe your background, current educational pursuits, future plans, and any other personal interests or activities. 
  5. Faculty Statement of Support (2 page max)
    A two-page (1,500 word max) Statement of Support from the nominating faculty is required. The Statement of Support should clearly illustrate the reason for the nomination and present a compelling argument for selection, using specific examples when possible. It should also avoid repeating information found in the other submission materials. One faculty member should write the statement, though up to three character testimonials from others may be incorporated to support the points made. Nominees should request a copy of the Statement of Support in PDF format and upload it with the other submission materials.
  6. Resume (2 page max)
    Upload your resume or CV in PDF format. It should include your education, professional experience, extra-curricular activities, and honors and awards.



Contact Program Manager Danielle Carbonneau at: dcarbonneau [at] (dcarbonneau[at]lafoundation[dot]org) 

The LAF Olmsted Scholars Program is made possible with support from our generous sponsors. Promotion support is provided by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Program Sponsors

Finalist Awards

Thanks to the generous support of LAF’s 50 & Forward Campaign donors, starting in 2018, the Olmsted Scholar finalist awards increased from $1,000 to $5,000 for graduate students and $3,000 for undergraduates.

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