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2019 CSI Program Now Underway Through August

11 faculty Research Fellows are documenting and evaluating 12 high-performing landscape projects as part of the 2019 CSI program. LAF is excited to be working with this impressive group!

2019 CSI Research Fellows
- Aidan Ackerman, Robin E. Hoffman, and Maren King, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
- Amanda Aman, University of Texas at Arlington
- Sarah Hanson, Illinois Institute of Technology
- Dennis Karanja, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
- Jun-Hyun Kim, Michigan State University
- Emma Mendel, University of Virginia
- Mark Lindquist, University of Michigan
- Yi Luo and Michael Volk, University of Florida

A Case Study Investigation researcher makes notes

The Case Study Investigation (CSI) program is a unique research collaboration that matches LAF-funded faculty-student research teams with designers to document the benefits of exemplary high-performing landscape projects.

Research teams develop methods to quantify environmental, social, and economic benefits of built projects and produce Case Study Briefs for LAF’s Landscape Performance Series.

The 2019 CSI program is now underway. The program runs annually from February to August. Information about how to apply for the 2020 CSI program will be posted in fall 2019.

By investing in this research, LAF is generating much-needed information and precedents to evaluate performance and make the case for sustainable landscape solutions. The CSI program is highly collaborative and helps to bridge the gap between research and practice. CSI is an important impetus in moving the landscape architecture discipline toward designing every project with specific performance objectives, routinely collecting performance data, and integrating landscape performance in design education.


Faculty Research Fellows

The teams are led by CSI Research Fellows, select faculty members with demonstrated interest or expertise in quantifying landscape benefits. Fellows develop methods for data collection, provide academic rigor in preparing the case studies, and receive funding to support a student research assistant. Starting with the 2019 CSI program, funding for each team increased: Fellows receive a $1,000 honorarium and $9,000 to support a student research assistant.

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Design Firms and Projects

Participating design firms apply with specific projects and are selected based on the quality of the project, availability of information to document performance, and commitment to participating in the CSI process.

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For question or more information, contact Megan Barnes at mbarnes [at]

LAF Research Fellows discuss the Case Study Investigation (CSI) program, and highlight some of its merits  for students, researchers, firms, and the landscape architecture discipline.

LAF is grateful to the many individuals and organizations that provide financial support towards fulfilling our mission to support the preservation, improvement, and enhancement of the environment.

Much of what LAF is able to accomplish would not be possible without the thought leadership and financial investment of our major supporters, including ASLA, which provides over $125,000 of in-kind support annually.