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Is your firm or organization interested in hosting an Ignite participant for a paid summer internship?

LAF maintains a list of approved internship providers and works with each Ignite participant to arrange a paid, 10-12 week summer internship in landscape architecture for each year the student remains in the program. The internships are a chance for each student to explore different career paths in landscape architecture — including those in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors — while developing their skills, resume and portfolio, and professional networks.

Ignite participants select potential internships based on interests, required skills and experience, and other factors such as location. As part of the process, Ignite students interview with internship providers, and final placements are decided based on mutual fit.

LAF values the many ways in which a landscape architect can practice and participate in fulfilling and impactful work. In addition to private practice internship opportunities, LAF is also seeking internship providers from non-profit organizations, parks and gardens, community-based organizations, industry, and local, state and federal government agencies. 


Internship Provider Requirements

To be considered for the Ignite program, internship providers must apply and meet the following three requirements, which support the goals of the program and a positive internship experience.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

In order to provide a healthy, supportive, and safe environment for Ignite students as well as other BIPOC employees, the firm or organization must have a commitment to DEI that it demonstrates through specific actions, such as initiatives, trainings, or policies that go beyond the minimums required by regulation.

Paying a living wage

Internship providers must pay the Ignite intern a living wage that is at or above the amount in the MIT Living Wage Calculator for an individual adult in the city or county in which the internship takes place. The wage is paid directly to the intern by the internship provider. Providers are not limited to paying this amount; they may pay a higher wage and/or offer additional financial support.

Internship work and experience

Because the internship is meant to develop the student's skills and serve as career exploration, internship providers must provide the appropriate tools, resources, and support that the Ignite intern needs to succeed. The internship should offer broad exposure to the firm or organization's work and help to build the intern's skillset and network.

If you are interested in becoming an internship provider but have concerns that you cannot meet one of the above requirements, please contact Valerie Carter at vcarter [at] (vcarter[at]lafoundation[dot]org) to discuss. 


Provider Application and Selection Process

Each fall, LAF accepts applications from internship providers for the following summer. LAF is now accepting applications for summer 2024 internship providers. The application is accessed and submitted though Google Forms and consists of 8 sections. Complete applications from interested organizations are due on Thursday, November 9.

Access Application

PLEASE NOTE: If you applied in 2023, you do not need to complete a full application for 2024. Instead, contact Program Manager Valerie Carter at vcarter [at] (vcarter[at]lafoundation[dot]org) to let her know of your organization's continued interest, and she will follow up to ensure that the information we have on file is still current.

LAF reviews each application to ensure that the applicant meets the requirements to be an Ignite internship provider and will follow up if there are any questions or areas that require further discussion.

LAF provides each Ignite student with a list of potential internship providers for them to consider and narrow down to their top 2-3 choices, who will be contacted to set up a web-based interview with the student. These interviews take place in December and January. If the candidate is a good fit, the provider makes a formal internship offer, and Ignite students finalize their decisions in February. Internships begin in May or June.


Unmatched Internship Providers

The internship component of Ignite is an opportunity for students to explore a variety of ways to practice so that when they graduate, they have a broad understanding of the landscape architecture discipline and the impact they want to have in their careers. To address this goal, LAF is working to compile many different internship opportunities to provide distinctive experiences and suit different interests. 

LAF cannot guarantee that a firm or organization that applies to be an internship provider and meets all criteria will be selected by an Ignite student. In 2024, approximately 12 students will participate in the internships, and this number will grow as the LAF Ignite program gradually builds. As such,  LAF expects to have many more available internship opportunities than students, particularly in the early years of the program.

If you are approved as an internship provider but not selected by a student, your application will be kept on file with the option to renew for a future year without the need to re-submit a full application.

The LAF Ignite program was launched in 2022 thanks to the generous multi-year support from donors to the Ignite and Fuel Campaign. In particular, LAF thanks the following top contributors to LAF's diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) Fund.

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