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A landscape architecture student draws on trace paper
2020 LAF Scholarship Winner Mara Stegaru
2020 LAF Scholarship Winner Sebastian Hilpl
2020 LAF Scholarship Winner Nola Talmage
2020 LAF Scholarship Winner Allyson Fairweather
2020 LAF Scholarship Winner Claire Jarvis
2020 LAF Scholarship Winner Aja Grande
2020 LAF Scholarship Winner Yoni Angelo Carnice
2020 LAF Scholarship Winner Eleanor Frey

Each year, the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) offers over $90,000 through 13 different scholarships and fellowships. 

LAF scholarships help diversify the pool of talent and increase academic opportunity for new generations of designers. These awards are made possible through funds established by our generous sponsors.

Each academic year, available scholarships are announced in the fall with all applications materials due February 1. Eligible candidates are undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada. Additional requirements vary by scholarship.

The average student debt load for landscape architecture graduates is $34,000.

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Three students-LAF Olmsted Scholars

To date, the Landscape Architecture Foundation has awarded $1.17 million in scholarships to over 540 students.

2019 LAF Scholarship Winner Madelyn Hoagland-Hanson

Madelyn Hoagland- Hanson was the 2019 recipient of the $20,000 LAF Honor Scholarship in Memory of Joe Lalli, FASLA.

2019 LAF Scholarship Winner Whitney Barr

Whitney Barr was the first winner of the $10,000 LAF Honor Scholarship for Inclusive Community Design.

LAF scholarships are made possible through funds established by generous sponsors, including those listed below.


Interested in establishing a scholarship with LAF?

Contact Christina Sanders at csanders [at] lafoundation [dot] org